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Archive » June 2022 » Super app tricks or treats?

Super app tricks or treats?

Andrea Martellone, Alessandro Vilardi, Fabrizio Villani
June 2022 - n. 6
Keywords: Super app, open banking, embedded finance
Jel codes: G20, O31, O33

Today many of us, if they want to request a taxi, order food at home, make a wire transfer to a friend or renew car insurance via mobile phone, must have different apps installed on the smartphone, each of them made by specific service providers and with their own login logics. This kind of fragmented experience is now a distant memory for hundreds of millions of citizens in emerging countries, that use one or very few macro apps, called just super apps, which have become more and more real platforms that can facilitate the daily life online. This article explains the main features of these new digital players, their value proposition and the role of open banking and embedded finance in order to draw potential future competitive scenarios, as well as the role of financial institutions.

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