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Nudging and Boosting Financial Decisions

di Ralph Hertwig, Till GrĂ¼ne-Yanoff
3 - n. 3
Keywords: Boost, nudge, choice architecture, public policy, autonomy
Jel codes: G40, G11

Increasingly, policymakers are using insights from psychology and behavioral economics into how people make decisions to inform nonregulatory and nonmonetary policy interventions. To date, much of the focus has been on nudges: interventions designed to steer people in a particular direction while preserving their freedom of choice. Yet behavioral science also provides support for a distinct kind of nonfiscal, noncoercive intervention: boosts. The objective of boosts is to foster people’s competence to make their own choices. We explore how boosts differ from nudges, address possible misconceptions, provide a taxonomy of boosts, and outline possible boosts for financial literacy.

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